Backwoods Bridges

We are a custom timber construction company, offering a wide range of structures for your project or property.  We specialize in building timber bridges, and our “Top-Down Construction” method allows us to build 6- to 12-foot wide bridges and elevated boardwalks without any heavy equipment ever touching the ground.  This method greatly reduces impacts and disturbance to the natural environments, and makes construction in wetlands, streams, and other sensitive environments a viable and responsible option.  Top-Down Construction can reduce permit approval time and cost, while being extremely efficient and leaving behind a beautiful and long-lasting structure. 

Our vehicular bridge division can provide custom-built solutions ranging from light-duty golf cart bridges to heavy-duty 80,000 pound, AASHTO-rated bridges.  We have experience working with not only timber, but steel and concrete structures as well. 

In addition to bridges, we also construct on-grade boardwalks, retaining walls, bulkheads, docks and piers, decks, pavilions, trellises, pergolas, and fencing.  We pride ourselves in providing the best quality work in the business on all of our projects and our project managers and superintendents have nearly 100 years of combined experience in the timber construction industry.