Beach Crossover Design & Construction

Backwoods Bridges Beach Crossover Division utilizes only the most carefully selected lumber and materials for both their structural and aesthetic properties in order to construct custom beach crossovers and access points including elevated boardwalks and handrails. Our teams take pride in both the quality of our work as well as our commitment to environmentally conscience construction methods. At Backwoods Bridges we specialize in a construction method known as "top- down" construction which allows us to build in areas that are difficult to access such as wetlands, lakes and beaches without any equipment touching the ground. This building process greatly reduces disturbance to wildlife, vegetation and the topography of the environment.

WATERSOUND REHAB                                                                                                    Watersound, FL

Project description:

Beach Access & Dune Crossover with Boardwalk.

Backwoods Bridges was contracted to oversee the rehabilitation of the decking and handrails of the boardwalk and beach accesses located in the Coastal Village of Watersound, Florida. 

PRIVATE RESIDENCE                                                                                                          Seagrove Beach, FL

project description:

Private Beach Staircase & Boardwalk.

Demo and disposal of existing structure as well as design and construction of new beach access at this private residence in Seagrove, Fl. 

Walton County, FL

Project Description:

Boardwalk & Beach Access with Dune Crossovers.

Backwoods Bridges was contracted on this project for the Walton County TDC. The project included demolishing and replacing four existing beach accesses along Scenic County Hwy 30-A. The existing accesses were four foot wide and in need of replacement.

Backwoods Bridges Responsibility:

Inlet Beach- 160’x6’
Beachwood- 450’x6’
Seabreeze- 205’x6’
Shellseekers- 255’x6’

MAJESTICA BEACH                                                                                                       Seagrove Beach, FL     


Private Boardwalk & Beach Access Point.

210 LF of 5’ Beach access and boardwalk demo and rebuild on the beautiful white sands of Majestica Beach in Seagrove, FL.

COURTYARD MARRIOTT                                                                                                 Okaloosa Island, FL                                                                                         

project description:

Pedestrian Overpass & Beach Access.

This is a timber bridge at the Courtyard Marriott project in Okaloosa County, FL. 6' wide pool and beach access with 4x2 pvc coated wire mesh infill handrail.

Beach Access with Handrail

TOURIST DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL                                                                            Walton County, FL


Beach Access with Dune Crossing & Boardwalk.

Boardwalk and beach access custom built using top down construction methods in order to lessen environmental impact and to preserve the beautiful white sand dunes and vegetation native to the Emerald Coast of Florida.

SEABREEZE BEACH ACCESS                                                                                         Seacrest, FL   


Beach Access with Staircase & Boardwalk.

130 Linear feet of 5' wide boardwalk with handrail and beach access. 

LAKE MITCHELL                                                                                                             Lake Mitchell, AL

project description:

Lake Access with Boardwalk & Staircase.

170 LF Vehicular guardrail and 300'  x 6' lake access boardwalk with entrance pergola and timber fencing.