In House Design/Engineering

One of the things that sets Backwoods Bridges apart from other custom timber construction companies is that we have a complete in house design and engineering team that allows us to offer a complete turn-key package solution to our clients. Including complete design, engineering, and on-site construction of all of our structures. Our staff consists of experienced designers and draftsmen, as well as talented foremen and carpenters to bring your structure to life in the field.

Backwoods Bridges is owned and operated by Henry Carl who has over 20 years experience in the timber construction field. Over his many years of building timber bridges, Henry has perfected the “top-down” bridge construction method. Top-down construction allows us to build bridges and elevated boardwalks without any heavy equipment touching the ground. This process greatly reduces disturbance to the natural environment while making it possible to build in areas that are difficult to access, such as wetlands. Top-down construction is extremely efficient. It accomplishes several
purposes: It eliminates most access issues, enables the structure to be built quickly, and leaves a beautiful and long-lasting structure. Backwoods Bridges can build bridges with top-down construction as narrow as six feet wide.