Pedestrian Bridge Design & Construction

At Backwoods Bridges we specialize in the design and construction of timber pedestrian bridges also commonly known as a footbridge or wooden bridge. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team is uniquely equipped to conceptualize and construct everything from pedestrian crossings and multi-use trails and paths to golf cart and atv bridges as well as pedestrian walkways, covered bridges and bicycle overpasses. We offer a complete turn-key package solution to our clients, including complete design, engineering and on-site construction of all of our structures. 

THE AFRICA CONNECTOR                                                                              

Orlando, FL       

project description:

Pedestrian Boardwalk and Timber Bridge. 

Backwoods Bridges had the honor of building the timber bridge and boardwalk that connects Walt Disney Worlds Animal Kingdom to their newest attraction Pandora The World of Avatar. 


Cary, NC


Pedestrian Bridge Over Lake Crabtree.

HENDERSON BEACH RESORT                                                                       

Destin, FL

project description:

Pedestrian Bridge Over the Lazy River Pool.


Panama City, FL

project description:

Pedestrian Bridges Connecting Community Nature Trails.  

SweetBay is a one of a kind coastline community located in beautiful Panama City, FL. Backwoods Bridges had the privilege of designing and constructing a series of pedestrian bridges that connect the community's nature trails, families, neighbors and friends to the bay.


FOUR OAKS                                                                                                           


project description:

Pedestrian Pathway and Cart Bridge.                                                                                                      

SANDESTIN GOLF & BEACH RESORT                                                         

Miramar Beach, FL

project description:

Pedestrian Foot Bridge & Timber Golf Cart Bridge.

Contracted by the Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort in Miramar Beach, Fl. Backwoods Bridges was tasked with the demolition and disposal of a preexisting foot bridge and golf cart crossing as well as the design and construction of functional and nature enhancing replacements for both at the Burnt Pines Golf Course.


BELK PARK                                                                                                              

Wood River, IL

project description:

Pedestrian Timber Bridge with Handrail. 

This project was for the design and construction of a custom timber pedestrian bridge with handrail for Belk Park in the City of Wood River, IL.

TUCKAHOE STATE PARK                                                                       

Queen Ann, MD


Pedestrian Bridge & Nature Trail with Boardwalk.

This project is for the boardwalk and bridge construction on the Spur Trail to Future Upper Chesapeake Rail Trail at the Tuckahoe State Park in Queen Anne, Maryland.


Raleigh, NC

Project Description:

Recreational Trail Bridge & Boardwalk.

The city of Raleigh, North Carolina has developed The Capital Area Greenway System. This system is a network of recreational trails connecting many of the parks of Raleigh. This system was designed to encourage and enhance recreational activities by providing trails for walking, jogging, hiking, fishing, studying nature, and outdoor fun.

Backwoods Bridges Responsibility:

Construction of all boardwalks and handrail connecting the parks of Raleigh, North Carolina. The project was divided into several contracts: Skycrest, Auburn-Knightdale to Poole Road, Poole Road North, County Line Road, Crabtree Creek, Horseshoe Bend. A total of 7,840 linear feet of boardwalk with handrail was installed using top-down construction.

TOWN OF SALT-AIRE                                                                                           

Mobile, AL

project description:

Pedestrian Bridge with Boardwalk, Floating T-Dock & Shade Trellis with Benches.

400' x 6' Boardwalk, 2,250 SF canoe launch with floating T-dock, 700' x 4' on-grade boardwalk with three 400 SF docks with shade trellis and benches.

The town of Salt-Aire is a master planned community on the western shore of Mobile Bay. Backwoods Bridges was contracted to put in several timber structures on the project. On Logan Lake, two small docks with a shade trellis and benches were built. The Bear Lake area has a large viewing platform with a gangway leading to a floating canoe launch dock. A multi-use path around the lake is dotted with bridges in the wetland areas with the guardrail infill consisting of stainless steel cable. Located on a beautiful tract of land, Salt-Aire will feature single and multi-family homes, shopping, entertainment and a marina.  

PRIVATE RESIDENCE                                                                                          

Brewton, AL

project description:

Lake Bridge with Handrails and Viewing Area.

Backwoods bridges was contracted to demolish and dispose of an existing structure located on the property and to design and construct a new lake bridge approximately 260' long x 6' wide with handrails, including a seating/viewing area with benches at the high point of the bridge.

ROSS BRIDGE                                                                                                       

Hoover, AL                   


Trail Bridge with Handrail.

Two 50’ x 6’, One 35’ x 6’ and One 20’ x 6’ Pedestrian Bridges with Handrail

Ross Bridge is a master-planned housing development community in Hoover, Alabama. It features an 8,200 yard long golf course, miles of trails, a Village Center complete with restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Backwoods Bridges built four 6’ wide timber bridges for the developments trail system. Three of the bridges are located near the old historic railroad bridge over Ross Creek.

SILVERHILL SIDEWALK IMPROVEMENT                                                    

Silverhill, AL

project description:

Covered Foot Bridge & Pedestrian Pathway.

4 Bridges: 110' x 8' Bridge with handrail and 12' x 40' covered center platform; 50' x 8' bridge with 4 x 6 curbing; 75' x 8' bridge with 4 x 6 curbing and a 40' x 8' bridge with handrail. 

The sidewalk improvements were made to enhance pedestrian safety in this Alabama Gulf Coast community. Backwoods Bridges built a total of four 8' wide bridges for this project. The highlight of this project is the covered bridge. It is 8' wide on each end and flares out to a 12' x 40' covered center platform. The platform has heavy timber-framed trusses and a metal roof. The three other bridges are all 8' wide and have either a 4' x 6' curb or pedestrian guardrail. All four bridges were built using top-down construction.

RIVERBEND PARK                                                                                               

Jupiter, FL

project description:

Foot Bridge with Curb & Handrail.

60' x 12' Wide 5 ton pedestrian bridge with curb and handrail. 

VILLAGE POINT GREENWAY                                                                           

Clemons, NC                                                                                           


Wood Bridge with Boardwalk & Handrail.

170 LF of 10’ Wide Top-Down Boardwalk with Handrail.