Pergola Design & Construction


Satellite Beach, FL

Project Description:

Pergola & Pavilion with Boardwalk.

Hightower Beach is a 17-acre ocean-front park located on Highway A1A on the Space Coast of Florida. The project includes new restrooms, outdoor showers, and parking areas.

Backwoods Bridges Responsibility:

Many of the highlights of this park are the structures built by Backwoods
Bridges. They include 560 linear feet of winding boardwalk, two 20x10 observation decks, and a 20x30 covered picnic pavilion. The observation decks also include decorative pergolas. Hightower Beach is home to several gopher-tortoise holes which had to be protected. Due to this, the boardwalk structure was re-designed in order to use top-down construction. This construction method would lessen the impact on the beach and the local wildlife by keeping the heavy equipment used for pile-driving off of the beach.

PRIVATE RESIDENCE                                                                                          

Freeport, FL    

Project description:

Pergola with Swing & Hot Tub Deck & Enclosure.

Backwoods Bridges was asked to design and construct a custom pergola with an attached swing as well as a hot tub deck with an attached pergola.

TOWN OF SALT-AIRE                                                                                          

Mobile, AL

project description:

Boardwalk & Pergola with Floating T-Dock & Shade Trellis.

400' x 6' Boardwalk, 2,250 SF canoe launch with floating T-dock, 700' x 4' on-grade boardwalk with three 400 SF docks with shade trellis and benches.

The town of Salt-Aire is a master planned community on the western shore of Mobile Bay. Backwoods Bridges was contracted to put in several timber structures on the project. On Logan Lake, two small docks with a shade trellis and benches were built. The Bear Lake area has a large viewing platform with a gangway leading to a floating canoe launch dock. A multi-use path around the lake is dotted with bridges in the wetland areas with the guardrail infill consisting of stainless steel cable. Located on a beautiful tract of land, Salt-Aire will feature single and multi-family homes, shopping, entertainment and a marina.  

LAKE MITCHELL                                                                                               

Lake Mitchell, AL

project description:

Pergola Entrance Way & Timber Fencing.

170 LF Vehicular guardrail and 300'  x 6' lake access boardwalk with entrance pergola and timber fencing.

WATERSOUND NORTH POOL AREA                                                           

Santa Rosa Beach, FL   

project description:

Decorative Fencing & Shade Trellis.

250 LF 4' Decorative fencing, 5 trellises as well as design and build playground equipment.

Watersound North rests on Lake Powell, a unique coastal dune lake in the Florida Panhandle. The community is in the perfect location on the Gulf on Mexico with its white sand beaches less than three miles away. Origins Golf Club is located inside the development which is just a short drive from Panama City Beaches as well as the great dining and shopping areas in the Destin area.