Retaining Wall Design & Construction


Niceville, FL

Project Description:

Retaining Wall & Handrail.

The First United Methodist Church hired Backwoods Bridges to build this retaining wall as part of a building expansion project. A portion of that expansion included an additional parking area. The only available area was a hilly piece of property adjacent to the Church. With the addition of the retaining wall, the area was able to be flattened out to better accommodate the parking necessities of the additional church facilities. The structure is built with 9” butt piling at 5’-0” on center, 3x8 walers, 2x8 rough cut verticals, and a 3x12 top cap. The wall has additional supports under the parking area consisting of 9”x48” driven “deadman” that are fastened to the wall piling with 5/8” threaded rod.

Backwoods Bridges Responsibility:

190 linear feet of 4-6’ tall retaining wall with handrail.